School Provides Transport Services and they are available for transporting the students. Those who wish to avail school transport services may apply for the same during the time of admission. The school provides transport facilities but offers no guarantee that a seat in the school bus is available, when the vehicles are too full to capacity or do not ply in the area of the residence of the students. The school hires the buses and pays the bus owners a fixed charge, every month for the whole year. Discontinuing the bus facility in the middle of the year has financial implications. And once a students' seat in the school bus is confirmed, she will not be permitted to cancel the seat in the middle of the year (except on transfer cases) and in case of cancellation she is required to pay for the whole year.

  • Students who avail the school bus service should report to the assigned pick-up point at least five minutes before the stipulated time.
  • A student will not be permitted to ride a bus other than the one to which she is assigned.
  • Students will board the buses in an orderly manner, giving due priority to younger students.
  • Parents transporting children or having some transport arrangement must report to school before the Morning Assembly begins and take the child after the school ends. No cars or any other transport mode will be permitted to be parked in the school campus.
  • Any request to change the bus must be submitted to the Principal prior to the change that is to be made. Bus captain shall be assigned to help maintain discipline.
  • The following acts are considered serious violations:
    a) Discourtesy and disobedience to the driver or conductor.
    b) Changing places frequently while the bus is in motion.
    c) Discourtesy to other children.
    d) Pushing and jostling when boarding the bus.
    e) Trying to distract the bus driver's attention.
    f) Destroying bus property. Payment for damage will be required before the offender is re-instated on the bus.
  • In the event, a child is involved in a discipline problem while riding a bus, the principal, at her discretion, may take any disciplinary action, even suspending the offender from bus.
  • The school is not responsible for any student who boards a wrong bus from school by intent or goes to another student's house without explicit information from the pa rent verified by the school authority.
  • Though every care will be taken for the safety of students, the school will not be held responsible for any damage, injury/loss of life and /or property due to any accident and/or otherwise failure to pick up or reach the students on time.