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Guidelines For Students

  • Read the school diary carefully and bring it to school every day. Make a note in it of anything important to you.
  • This is your School. Keep it clean and tidy so that you and others may be proud of it.
  • Converse in English. Encourage your friends to do the same.
  • Aim at 100% attendance and unfailing punctuality.
  • Inculcate good values and imbibe good qualities of honesty and sincerity.
  • Work hard and do well in every field. Your parents, school, society and nation expect a lot from you.
  • Do not leave the classroom or school compound without prior permission.
  • Always behave in such a way, that your parents and teachers feel proud of you.
  • Take care of the school property. This is your second home.
  • Read good books and cultivate good manners.
  • Be systematic in everything you do.
  • Make a personal time-table, allotting time for study, play, entertainment etc.
  • Read the newspapers daily. It will help you to be aware of current affairs which is very much needed in this highly competitive world of today.
  • Never give up till you succeed. Remember you are meant to be a winner. Untiring effort is the need of the hour.
  • Each one of us has been created for a definite purpose. So identify each one of us has been created for a definite purpose. So iden.

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