School Uniform

It is strictly necessary for every student to come to school with full uniform including footwear:

All Through The Year

  • Pinafores, pink shirts with stiff collar, short sleeves with pocket monogram (Class Nursery to class II)
  • Pleated skirts, pink shirts (one inch above the knee), stiff collar with short sleeves and pocket monogram (Class III-X)
  • Grey trousers and pink shirts (Class XI & XII)
  • Black shoes (naughty boys), white socks with blue strips, white ribbon and white hair band, School Belt and Tie for all

During Winter

  • Grey pinafores, pink shirts with stiff collar, long sleeves with pocket monogram (Class Nursery to class II)
  • Grey pleated skirts, pink shirts, stiff collar with long sleeves and pocket monogram (Class III - X)
  • Grey school sweater (till class IV) /Blazer (Class V-XII)

    On Wednesdays: House Uniform

  • House T. Shirt & Track Suit (Class I -XII)
  • White Canvas

On Saturdays:

  • Special Uniform according to the Clubs the student belong. For hikes, Picnics, P.T and Sports Days and on all Wednesdays white Canvas.
  • Every student should wear a clean, complete and proper uniform daily. Any pupil without proper uniform or whose uniform is untidy and /or ill-fitting will not be allowed to attend classes.
  • Students should have sufficient sets of uniform and they are to be stitched from the tailors authorized by the school only who have been instructed regarding the style and stitching.
  • All students must use white hair bands and tie their hair neatly with white ribbon. Mehendi, Kajal, bindi, nail polish, perfumes, bangles and tabis (visible) are not allowed as well as ornaments and jewellery of any kind are not allowed in the school.