Principal's Message

Auxilium Girls' School, Agartala

Human life is an amalgamation of various ingredients required to complete the mission or journey of survival. It is indeed credible to live it joyfully and peacefully when we make it worth living. The foundation of life must be laid in the early stage of growing as the yeast to the dough. We have seen that any structure can collapse if the base is not strong enough. As an institution, Auxilium Girls' school Agartala always endeavors to provide the strong base, helping students stand firm on a strong foundation as they prepare themselves to be responsible human being.

With joy and enthusiasm, I feel elated to present the theme for the academic session 2023-24 'As the yeast in today’s human family' which in simple term means being the main ingredient to the growing and budding human life. The modern era demands our presence and respect towards the work and co-inhabitants. Here in our school and campus we give much importance to time and presence. The presence in the time is as important as minerals to the roots of the tree especially when it is growing. Similarly as a child grows, she needs a hand to hold while walking on the path to success and obtain the knowledge of reasoning and justification. Each and every family member of Auxilium ceaselessly strives to provide accompaniment and presence to the students in every step of their path to growth. Our team of sisters, teachers and all the staffs relentlessly try our best to be the shadow for our students in all aspects- from academics to co-curricular activities.

The theme of the year could also be understood in the light of the New Education Policy 2020 which focuses on the practical usage of knowledge. Here in our school we design the study materials, regular classes and whole day teaching-learning process in a way that engages the students to come up with the best of their ability and let them think out of the box. It is also noteworthy to acknowledge the constant support that the parents have always provided to make our mission and vision successful in the year that have gone and we are rest assured to receive support and cooperation for this years as well in order to be real yeast in the life of our children by moulding them as the rationale, creative, responsible and productive citizen of our nation. Let us TOGETHER work to make the theme of the year a live example in the realm of education and nourishment of a soul which will get purified and empowered with our presence, guidance, love and care.

Sr. Merciful Nongsiej, FMA