• The school provides excellent Library facilities with a spacious reading room and a Reference Library, for senior students. Besides every class from Ill onwards has a class room library with about 200 books. Students are encouraged and exhorted to cultivate the reading habit. To promote the habit of reading good books, those who read most books in the academic session are awarded with a special merit certificate.
  • Books lost or damaged must be made good by the student.
  • Absolute silence is to be maintained in the library.
  • No books, papers or bags of any kind and water bottles are to be brought into the library except a pen and a Hand Diary.
  • Students resorting to any damage to the Library books, furniture, fittings, etc., scribbling on the walls, floors and extraction of pages from any book whatsoever, will have to make good such a damage and will be debarred permanently from access to the library.
  • Students are not permitted in the Library except during the stipulated period. Exceptions need special permission.
  • Students should enter and leave the library premises in orderly and disciplined manner.
  • Students are expected to keep the books in order after reading. When taking a book, if any defect is noticed, it should be brought to the notice of the Librarian.