Educational Approach

The Educational Philosophy followed in the school is called the Preventive System of Don Bosco, one of the greatest modern Educators of the 19th century. His system of education was simple, functional and person centered, based on the three great principles of Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness. Don Bosco tried to draw forth the best in a child and ensure the child's complete self-expression. His system of education, popularly called the "the Preventive System", consists in:

Rooting out evil with the Caring, Friendly, Active, Loving Listering and Accompanying Presence of the Educators among the students.

An educative style of relationship founded on Reason, Religion and Loving- kindness within a family-like atmosphere of joy and happiness, spontaneity and cheerfulness.

A spirit of enquiry and insatiable quest for knowledge and acquisition of virtue as indicated in the motto of the school.

An ambience of responsible freedom and autonomy.

The Management, Staff and Students, Parents and Guardians constitute an integral unit known as the Educating Community whose primary aim is to form young people to become builders of an honest society, women of upright thinking and acting, commitment and competence imbued with Sound Knowledge, Values and Virtues.