Though academic excellence is aimed at by the school, education being the all round development of the innate talents of a child, the school provides many possibilities for every student to participate in a variety of co-curricular and extra – curricular activities on a regular basis, so that, they can grow into multi – faceted personalities, which is a need of the hour. The concept of testing the multiple intelligence of the children, makes every student feel like a winner. By providing a number of co-curricular activities, we ensure the expression of potential capacities of each student, like drawing and painting, writing and public speaking, singing and music, dance and dramatics, team building and capacity to organize programmes and functions etc. which provide training in different aspects of personality development of students.

School promotes various clubs, such as – Music Club, Dance Club, Eco and Peace Club, Guitar Club, Science Club, Media Club, Maths Club, Fine Arts Club, Yoga Club, Karate Club, NCC, Girl Guides etc. as well as the Annual Sports, Annual School Exhibition (Auxi_Ignite) and Annual day celebrations etc. encourage children to take up various learning based activities in the true spirit of healthy competition and collaboration. All these activities are meant to develop the total personality of the students. School organizes regular programmes and the parents and guardians should encourage their children to participate in them whole heartedly. These activities nurture interests, promote aptitude, strengthen abilities of students and sometimes act as a determining factor for the choice of future vocation. Some co-curricular activities are conducted class-wise and others based on the House System. There are four Houses each having its own colour, Patron and Motto. They are guided by the House Moderators. Each House is headed by a Captain, Vice Captain and Class House Captains.