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Director's Message

I am indeed happy to present to you our updated School website. We are already in use the updated version of CampusCare (ours is the only school in the entire northeast to have it) and now we have the updated version of our school website. It reminds me of the need to keep ourselves up to date with new trends, technologies and tools. And this updated version of our website will keep you updated with all that happens at Auxilium Girls’ School – Agartala.

So, Welcome To the Updated Version of Our School Website: auxiliumgirlsschool.org
Auxilium Girls’ School, Agartala, holds a classic tale of progress and development, growth and advancement from its modest beginning in 2003 with just 43 students to what it stands today - a beautiful campus with spacious school building and playgrounds, with state-of-the art infrastructure, catering to about 2100 plus students. Everyone has words of owe and admiration for the tremendous growth and development and quality education it imparts. Truly a blessing of the Almighty God, who has done great things for us!

Auxilium plays an important role in providing quality education by equipping our students with skills, confidence and a positive approach with a commitment towards their all round growth development. We strive to maintain Academic Excellence at the same time encourage all our students to participate actively in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities; Olympiads, Talent Search and Assessment Test etc. A safe and serene, clean and healthy, happy and friendly family like atmosphere with love and care, Auxilium nurtures creativity and passion, resilience and innovation, inspired thinking and leadership qualities among students for development of their versatile personality, and helps to maintain excellent discipline, high values and ethics which are very much needed in our world today. Truly, Auxilium stands for Excellence, Women Empowerment and Achievement.

The school atmosphere nurtures a great Family Spirit amongst the students and teachers with a lot of confidence and conviction of a positive pulse. Two special watchwords of Preventive System (our System of Education): PRESENCE and ACCOMPANIMENT, from Don Bosco, the great modern Educator guide us in the entire educational process of nurturing children and being with them at all times, in all places as loving Mothers and Fathers, caring Sisters and Brothers, helpful Friends and Guides, Inspiring Educators and Mentors. Meeting them personally on a regular basis, sometimes together with their parents makes our presence among them growth enabling and transformative. We promote the joy and excitement of learning and appreciate the participation, learning and achievements of our students. For this, a wide range of multi-dimensional activities are organized which go a long way in propelling self-confidence, instilling life skills, such as, decision making, problem solving, creative thinking and excellent communication skills along with the other soft skills. Wherever they go, Auxilians are readily distinguished for their discipline, academic performance, smartness, excellent communication and decorum.

I am sure the school website will give you detailed information of the life of Auxilium. It is newly updated. We are open to your suggestions for further improvement.

To all my dear young, lively, enthusiastic and smart Auxilians and to all those who visit our website and read this message, this is my wish for you:


  • You were born to win
  • You are meant to be a achiever
  • Your best is still in front of you, though often it may not be visible to you
  • Your future is in your hands,
  • you need to build it with values and principles to be happy & successful
  • You can do it, for inside you there is untapped immense potential still to be discovered
  • You are precious, unique, special,
  • One of its kind in the entire world, and you have unlimited value
  • Your dreams and visions can definitely come true when you wake up and live fully
  • You can achieve whatever you put your heart, mind and soul to realize your goals.


  • Enlarge your horizons, your dreams and vision
  • Retain your enthusiasm and strength, vigour and determination
  • Increase your competence and confidence, commitment and courage
  • Avoid the negative and attract the good and positive that is within and around you
  • Seize every opportunity to become the person you dream to be
  • Take a step daily, regularly and consistently in the right direction
  • Choose to be positive and proactive
  • Build up strong and healthy, positive and loving relationships
  • Unleash your maximum potentiality, strive for excellence
  • Overcome obstacles and setbacks, calmly and bravely
  • learn to come out of your fears and comfort zone
  • Begin well every day, but always choose to finish strong and achieve greatness

Be happy, be great and be successful!

May God, the source of all good things bless you and guide you daily along the right path.

Sr. Celine D’Cunha fma

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